I had two scars on my chest that I was embarrassed about. I have had a combination of peels and microneedling with Radio Frequency which Sarah guided me through. One scar has now disappeared and the second is hugely reduced that with a couple more treatments will be enough that it will not be visible and will sit much flatter. I am so pleased.


I had HIFU for my jowls and general ageing. The HIFU treatment is pain free and I can now see my jaw line as it is more defined and lifted. A very positive treatment.

Christine – Reigate

I really disliked my mouth and two lines that sit between my eyebrows and was looking for a natural treatment. I have had two Microneedling with Radio frequency treatments and the difference is amazing. I had a full face and the depth of the lines has decreased hugely and the dark circles under my eyes gone. I will be continuing this as my ‘go to’ anti-aging treatment.

Caroline – Ockley
Just wanted to say a massive thank you, my permanent eyeliner you did yesterday looks amazing, they are so so precise and you really have done an amazing job! Really happy with them.
Steph, from Southwater

My face and neck have made impeccable improvement from my Plasma Lift so much that I have already had comments saying I look fresher and more youthful.

Tess from South Coast

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.
She is truly an amazing, wonderful lady, who is professional & most importantly, a perfectionist, whom takes pride in her work, so all her clients get fantastic results.

Tracy from Andorra

Sarah has amazing experience in the field, and wants what is best for me; she is not pushy and wants the treatment to suit me and get the results I desire. She was very supportive and attentive, her patch test for my under eye veins has worked wanders. A really excellent and positive experience, don’t hesitate in contacting Sarah at Sure Aesthetics.


I’ve had a fantastic experience at this clinic and could not recommend it enough. I was very nervous on my consultation and Sarah immediately put me at ease- she was welcoming and really friendly. I chose to go to Sure Aesthetics as my prior research and phone conversation with Sarah really demonstrated her knowledge, care and professionalism, and outshone other businesses by miles.

Helen from Guildford

I have had my stretch marks treated on my stomach that have been there since I had children many years ago. What an interesting treatment. Very comfortable and the results are very dramatic. The skin has tightened and the width of each mark looks less. They have lifted and I am very impressed. Sarah has the most amazing clinic and looks after you so well. I will look forward to the summer bikini.

Anne, Dorking

As I am reaching 50 years old I feel my eyelids are getting very heavy and age me more than I would like. I have know Sarah for many years and trust her work. When she spoke to me about being able to lift the heaviness of my eyelid I was thrilled. I am incredibly pleased with the result. I look fresher, more awake and you can actually see more of my eyes.

Mr H, Dorking