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Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup

Always look your best with 100% smudge proof make up

We offer a bespoke  permanent & semi permanent makeup experience to give you a Completely natural look, as you would expect from experienced, skilled permanent make up professionals.

Is there a difference between permanent and semi permanent make up?…No. Your permanent make up colour will always be visible, however the pigment will fade naturally over time. A top up is required to keep it looking perfect.  We us the highest standard of equipment and only hypo allergenic  pigments, ensuring you get the safest and very best procedure.

We pride ourselves on using a variety of techniques which means you get a truly tailor made set of eyebrows, lips or eyeliner so you can have an amazing finished ‘look’ 100% bespoke for you.


Permanent Eyebrows

Whether it’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows, or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour.

Permanent Eyeliner

These procedures will mean that you can always have the perfect make up rather than spending time applying make up.

Natural but noticeable Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement will thicken and define your natural lash line, attracting more attention to “bare” eyes. Ultra subtle, Ultra pretty, I can create a look just for you.

Permanent Lips

I can replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape ironing out any asymmetries or imperfections to your natural lip shape subtly increasing the volume for the perfect pout. I will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone, age range and life style. So natural, only you and I will know.

Standards and Techniques

Whilst always using the highest safety and hygiene standards these treatments can make you look 10 years younger instantly.

Think of all those times your exercising, swimming, on holiday or if your a career woman, professional, a busy mum, allergic to make up, struggle to see you eyes over your glasses, or just can’t be bothered to apply your make up, there is really no one who can’t benefit from these treatments.

How does it work?

Permanent make up is the process of applying micro insertions of ink into the upper layers of the skin to  create colour contrast, and definition. Its gives a natural effect that can last between 18 months-2 years. To keep the colour looking 100% fresh a colour boost is required once it fads. Fading is completely normal

What is my next step?

You will need to come to the clinic and have a consultation. We will discuss your requirements and offer our bespoke professional expertise on the procedure you will receive . You will be guided through a test patch, and make sure you understand what happens before and during the procedure. We also make sure you know how to look after your permanent make up afterwards.

What our clients say…

FAQ’s – Permanent Makeup Client Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between permanent and semi permanent make up?

Absolutely nothing! People like to refer to this treatment as several different names, which could be cosmetic tattooing, micro pigmentation, semi-permanent or permanent make up. Some people feel that because the colour fades over time it should be classed as semi permanent. However there will always be a fine trace of the pigment left in the skin, so because of this it is called permanent. The perfect way to look after your make up is to keep the colour looking fresh with a top up between 12 months to 18 months.

How do I choose a colour?

Depending on the area you are having treated we will spend plenty of time before your treatment starts discussing and testing out colours, so you will always get the perfect colour. An idea is to bring the pencil or lipstick you normally use, and that is a great starting point. We have a large range of colours which we buy from America.

Do I have to shave my eyebrows off?

No you don’t need to shave of your eyebrow hair so you can have this treatment done. A neat eyebrow shape prior is always a good thing, but we want to work with what hair you have to create a natural look.

What if I am allergic to hair dye, or tinting products?

We would always carry out a test patch prior to treatment in a consultation. Most people are allergic to the peroxide in these sorts of products. The pigments we use are hypo allergenic so there is a very low risk. If you know what you are allergic to we can check on the ingredient lists, and data sheets to.

Does it hurt?

We always try to make it as comfortable as possible and use a numbing cream so this is not a problem.

Will my skin look bruised afterwards?

No, bruising rarely occurs . The area will look a little red for a few hours, and a little bit swollen. You will be given an aftercare product to protect and heal the skin.

How long does a treatment take?

As this is a luxury and specialised treatment we always allow a 2 hour slot per treatment so you can have exactly what you need. The time will vary slightly depending on what area you are having done with some treatments being quicker but we will still allow a 2 hour booking.

I am interested, what should I do?

Ring us on 01306 770180, use the call back form lower down this page or email us via our contact page to book for your free consultation where we can chat about making you look good!




Powdered Eyebrows £450
Simulated natural hair stroke eyebrows £485
Natural hair stroke with powdered effect £520
Micro blading hand tool hair stroke eyebrows £580
Ultra subtle eye enhancement  top £250
Ultra subtle eye enhancement bottom £250
Safe and simple thin eyeliner top £300
Safe and simple medium eyeliner top £345
Safe and simple lower eyeliner £255
Lip fine contouring £320
Natural Lip Blush £395
Full lip colour £470

Important Information

All prices include consultation, treatment, 6 weeks follow up and your aftercare.

A complimentary consultation and test patch are required prior to all procedures.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required for your initial procedure booking. This is redeemable against your permanent makeup procedure.

Yearly top-ups are half the price of your initial procedure

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