I have been visiting the clinic over the last few years. Sarah is so knowledgeable, she has taken her time to explain procedures. I have honestly found the whole experience life changing. I would 100% recommend.

Laura Horsham

” I have been looking for a treatment to remove the white hairs that were left after my laser hair removal, and Sarah recommended electrolysis. It is a little slower than laser but the results are permanent so I was more than happy to start a course with Sarah. The results are just what I wanted. I think the clinic is lovely and enjoy being treated there.”

Mr J, Sutton

“Sarah’s friendly and professional service is second to none,I always feel relaxed and welcomed when I arrive for my appointment. Excellent range of specialised treatments with fantastic results. I had a course of Electrolysis treatments, and the hair growth has stopped altogether. I happily recommend Sarah.”

Rachel, Dorking

” I was getting re married and had several skin tag’s around my eyes. Sarah removed them plus an additional couple under my armpit which bothered me. It was straight forward and healed quickly, and I even looked Ok for my wedding photo’s!”

Colin, Chertsey

” My son had two very large warts, one on his knee and one on his elbow. Because they were so larger they needed to be treated several times but the result it they have completely disappeared, and he didn’t find it painful at all”

Parent of Nicholas

“I had a group of skin tags under both armpits which I hated which Sarah removed, and my son had warts in the palm of his hand which have disappeared over a few weeks after the treatment. The clinic is spotless and Sarah made  the visit as pleasurable as can be. “

Father and son, Horsham

” Even though I am over 75 years old, I had a mixture of different coloured hairs on my face which really distressed me. Sarah explained that the dark could easily be treated with the laser, but the white ones needed electrolysis, which is what we did will fantastic results. Thank you Sarah:”

Anonymous, Horsham