“I have been having laser facials with Sarah for a while and the difference in my skin is brill. My angry lines don’t look so angry and the overall texture has improved. Sarah is hugely knowledgeable and always a true professional in her beautiful clinic.”

Samantha,Hinchley Wood

“I have been recommended to Sarah by my friend, and I have not been disappointed in any way. When I had my consultation I found I didn’t really know what I needed so Sarah put together a tailor made facial course. I had some laser facial’s and nano pore & Meso therapy treatments. I have also followed the home care regime that Sarah gave me. I think the difference is really good from my initial photos, and people always say that I look really well.”

Sandra, Cowfold

I had developed worry lines between the eyebrows and I felt I needed some me time and some pampering. Sarah and I choose a laser facial, see my full story on ‘Clients Stories” page.
I would just like to thank Sarah for making me feel so much happier and better about myself. She truly is a star!

Rachel, Caterham